Some of these ‘new’ Guitar Hero Metallica screens look familiar, but here you go

I’ll be honest and say I’m not sure that all (or any) of these Guitar Hero: Metallica screens that Activision just blasted out to the European press are new. In fact, they’re all kind of looking the same to me at this point.

Whether we’re talking Rock Band or Guitar Hero, screens don’t do much for us. I mean, the games are about music, right? So looking at these, it’s more of the same. And while I’ll fully admit I’m not a big fan of Guitar Hero: World Tour (visuals? mechanics? soundtrack? where do I start?), I’m intrigued by Guitar Hero: Metallica

Of course, that’s because of the music, of course. I haven’t played or even seen the game in action yet, but it seems to be a decent collection of classic Metallica, along with some of the “newer” stuff (“OMG! Everything on the Black Album was teh crapz!”). Combined with the “guest artist” songs, it looks like it will indeed be the most metal music game to date.

If anything, we can look forward to picking up some of the Xbox 360 achievements, right? A five gamerpoint achievement (“The Memory Remains”) for watching a “Metallifacts” video? Sure, why not?

Nick Chester