Some of the best Xbox 360 games are dirt cheap in Xbox’s backward compatibility mega sale

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“Better late than never,” some people might say as a flimsy excuse for belatedly getting around to stuff. Thanks to backward compatibility on Xbox One, late is a viable option and never is increasingly obsolete. The last console generation lives on.

For anyone with a bucket list of unplayed games stretching back to the Xbox 360, now is the opportune time to strike. Xbox is holding a massive backward compatibility sale until May 28. Nearly 300 games are discounted between 50 and 90 percent, including some of the finest titles to ever come to the Xbox 360.

Here are some standout recommendations: Bayonetta ($8), Borderlands 2 ($8), Bully: Scholarship Edition ($6), all three Dead Space games ($14 total), Halo: Reach ($10), Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon ($4.50), Geometry Wars 2 ($5), Mass Effect 2 ($6), Prey ($4), Rayman Origins ($4.50), and Skate 3 ($5).

Honestly though, the list is so big and diverse that there’s something for everyone here. If you’re interested in perusing through everything, check out TrueAchievements for an alphabetical breakdown of all the games and their discounted prices. Then, when you’re ready to buy and have your money in your fist, go to Xbox to actually purchase them.

Backward Compatibility Sale [Xbox]

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