Some more Super Saiyan warriors from DW: Multi-Raid

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As Koei readies Dynasty Warriors: Multi-Raid for the PSP, there is a new scan from Famitsu showing off the Super Saiyan-esque versions of a few new characters. As explained last time, the playable warriors in Multi-Raid will have access to a new Kakusei ability which will transform them into beefed up versions with a brand new look.

In addition to the alternate Zhao Yun, the new looks for Xiahou Dun and Sun Shang Xiang have also made an appearance. At the bottom of the scan, Zhao Yun also seems to be fighting some kind of monster, but it’s hard to make out exactly what is going on. 

Dynasty Warriors does, of course, get a lot of stick, but the series really is at home on the PSP. Hack n’ slash works very well on a portable format, so I’m glad to see more Warriors heading to Sony’s handheld. I wouldn’t really mind a full-time move to the PSP for the whole franchise, to be honest.

[Thanks, Andrea]

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