Some maniac walked all the way across Steep’s map

Snow easy task

Those who wish to explore Steep‘s vast open world will find themselves traveling in one general direction: down. That’s the general goal when it comes to winter mountain sports. Just get to the bottom and make it look cool while you do it.

One Steep player took a decidedly more arduous approach to traversing the in-game Alps. They walked across the entire goddamn mountain range. User VanessaMagick walked, ran, climbed, and slid from corner to corner of Steep‘s map like an absolute lunatic.

As you can see in the above-embedded video, it took four and a half hours. The video’s there the same way auto shop waiting room coffee is there — as a courtesy that you’re not expected to actually use. A much more digestible six-minute time lapse is down below.

If you make an open world, players will walk across it. They’ve proven it time and time again. Bless these spiritual Lewis and Clarks for doing the hard work (like the guy who spent 12 hours walking across half of one of No Man’s Sky‘s planets). It leaves the rest of us to haphazardly click through their videos, resting easy by knowing that someone out there has the determination and time to do what we won’t.

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