Some jerk ruined Pixels’ perfect zero Rotten Tomatoes score

He probably did it for the clickbait

Look, we all knew from watching the trailer that Adam Sandler’s 1980s video game-themed Pixels was going to be bad. That much was clear. So when Twitter was abuzz this morning about its zero percent Rotten Tomatoes score, nobody was surprised. Actually, it was almost impressive that the film could unanimously turn off critics. If it were going to achieve anything, it would be that feat.

Of course, whenever something special is built, somebody has to go and tear it down. Mike Reyes at Cinema Blend went and ruined the whole thing, giving it four out of five stars, enough to be the single review currently considered “fresh” against all of the other “rotten” ones. Now Pixels cannot go down in history as a record setter; it will be forgotten as just another bad movie with a 12 percent rating.

Of course, this can only possibly be an attack on the beautiful perfection of a zero score. I bet that guy didn’t even like the movie; he just wanted to wreck everybody else’s distaste for it.

[Update: A couple more positive reviews have rolled in, bringing it even further from zero, up now to 16 percent. What monsters!]

Darren Nakamura
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