Some guy will pay $1,000 if you can recreate this Mario glitch

Better get jumping guys

In the world of Super Mario 64 speed running, the idea of a new glitch appearing is a bit of a holy grail. The game has been played so many times over so many years that the idea of a way to shave even a second off from the top speed run records seemed highly unlikely.

Because of the rarity of new glitches being discovered, the Mario 64 speed running community got very excited when someone playing on Twitch appeared to experience a brand new glitch that had never before been documented.

Being able to recreate a new Mario 64 glitch in a measurable way inside an emulator is serious business. It’s so serious, one fan has now offered $1,000 to anyone who can recreate the glitch in a specific emulator and transfer him a replay file that will accurately recreate the conditions under which the glitch occurs. 

Studying Mario doing some weird shit is apparently a decently paying gig.

It’s worth noting that the sheer number of possible factors involved in recreating rare glitches can sometimes render them essentially one-off occurrences. Still, if you play a bunch of Mario 64 in an emulator anyway, maybe make sure it’s an emulator that can save replay data. You know, just in case.

Laura Dale