Some Division players already figured out how to be the absolute worst

False imprisonment

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The Division‘s opening safehouse is proving to be a far more frustrating experience for some players than you’d ever think imaginable. The culprit? Not an overpowered enemy and not some game-breaking bug. It’s a guy standing in the doorway.

Mere hours after the game’s launch, people have found that players spawning in the first safehouse can’t progress if someone just stands in the door. Everyone else is trapped inside, just watching this jamoke wave at them. Seeing how it’s launch day and The Division is a highly anticipated game, it seems as if a whole lot of people are either griefing or being griefed right now.

Luckily, there’s one workaround. It’s being reported that if you just continually run at the doorway guy for a few seconds, you’ll eventually phase through him. It won’t to try pushing him or constantly backing up to squeeze past. You have to just run on the spot until you clip through.

Most people probably won’t try this method, though. They’ll just resign themselves to waiting until that person gets sick of griefing, anger mounting with each passing second. And, then they have to hope that the next person doesn’t try their hand at it too.

I just hope that The Division‘s first patch notes include something about a widened door frame.

You can block people’s progress in The Division by standing in a doorway [Eurogamer]

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