Some dirty tart dresses up like the X-Blades slag, we post pictures

After waiting a ridiculous length of time for my review copy of X-Blades, it finally arrived today and … well … yeah. It kind of looks pretty, so it has that going for it.

While I hack my way through the game and as you wait with excitement for our official review (you’re on the edge of your seat), let’s pass the time by gawping at these images of some filthy Page 6 bint dressed up like X-Blades heroine Ayumi. Her shiny sh*tpillows are hanging out and she very clearly wants a saucy bit of it. From you.

If you find her attractive and wish to masturbate over further images, the name is Jodie Dart. Feel free to pop that name into Google Image Search and fondle your flopper into a frothy frenzy.

Personally, I’ll stick to my hentai drawings of Mr. Peeble getting sucked off by Magilla Gorilla.

Jim Sterling