Some beautiful bastard preserved the Die Hard Nintendo 64 game

Come out to the coast, have a few laughs

I know what you’re thinking — there was a Die Hard Nintendo 64 game? Well yes. It might not look as fun as the arcade edition, or even the wonky Die Hard Trilogy for PS1, but it exists.

Assembler Games user 10ahu managed to secure and release the prototype editions for Die Hard 64, which were set to ape GoldenEye and was to be published by Fox Interactive, and developed by Bits Studios. 10ahu actually worked at Bits, and across all three prototypes, there’s 24 levels in all with nine of them in playable form. As they explain in their post, this canceled game eventually became Die Hard: Vendetta on the GameCube (and several other systems).

Hooray for game preservation! I doubt I’ll ever boot these puppies up, but I’m glad they exist and are documented for posterity.

Die Hard 64 ROM [Assembler Games]

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