SOMA might be better with this mod that pacifies the creatures of the deep

No more hide ‘n seek

The lovely lads and ladies over at Rock Paper Shotgun spotted a nice mod for SOMA that prevents the deep denizens from trying to attack you. It’s called The Wuss Mode: Monsters Won’t Attack so you can enjoy a sense of shame for not being able to handle Frictional Games’ latest creation. I finished the game last week and sort of wish I had known about this beforehand, since the various pursuers that you encounter throughout feel like distractions from the thoroughly entertaining science fiction narrative.

I quite like the idea of shambling horrors that make distorted comments as you pass by as opposed to shoehorned, arbitrary games of death tag. The creator of the mod, known as The Dreamer, has a workshop page for the mod here. If you’re not sold on the idea, here’s a video:

Sea Change: SOMA Mod Makes All Entities Non-Violent [Rock Paper Shotgun]

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