Soldner-X sequel to shoot up PSN this Winter

SideQuest Studios has announced that a sequel to its PC and PlayStation Network shooter Söldner-X will be coming exclusively to PSN this Winter. 

Called Söldner-X 2: Final Prototype (which is a hell of a lot easier to say than the original’s title, Himmelsstürmer), the game expands upon the shmup formula of the first game. That means seven new levels (Underwater! Ice! Space!!?!?), new attacks and fancy original soundtrack. Final Prototype also introduces a “dynamic score-linked difficulty” system which in English means the game will auto-adjust to the shmup skill-level of individual players. (Read: Nearly nothing will shoot at me if I play, but if I watched Topher play I’ll probably have a seizure.)

Outside of a quick hands-on time at a Tokyo Game Show cocktail party a few years ago, I didn’t have a chance to play the original. Was it good enough to warrant a sequel? Is anyone looking forward to this?

Nick Chester