Soldat popped up on Steam and it’s free to play

I forgot how terrible I am at most 2D shooters

It’s wild to see Soldat, a near-two-decade-old web relic, resurface on Steam.

The blink-and-you’re-gone side-scrolling multiplayer shooter launched on Steam this week, and if you have any nostalgia for classic browser-based games, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s totally free. The Steam build of Soldat is “an improved version of Soldat 1.7.1,” according to the developers.

I loaded the game up, was promptly terrorized by rabid AI bots, and scanned the server list for a bit before realizing I’m too foggy to stand a chance. Some of you will surely get a kick out of it, though.

Not so coincidentally, there’s also a new demo for Soldat 2 ahead of its Steam Early Access release.

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