SOE: The MMO factory

Sony Online Entertainment is determined to churn out mediocre MMO after mediocre MMO, whether you want it or not. Know why? Because they want to sell those SOE all access cards — to them, that’s more important than the quality of the title. Basically, the motto is quantity, not quality. Well, time to add another MMO to that roster of suck, kiddies. Check out what Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley told GamesIndustry:

During his speech Landau showed a clip of the company’s new spy-themed MMO, stating, “We think this will take espionage entertainment to a new level.”

But according to Smedley, “It’s not really just an espionage game. It’s a combination of espionage… Think 24 meets Alias meets Counterstrike.”

He went on to reveal that SOE has several new IPs in the works, adding, “We have one coming out late this calendar year, and it hasn’t even been announced.”

There you have it. Another SOE MMO you’ll probably never play. But, you never know, maybe this will be the exception to the Star Wars Galaxies rule.

Robert Summa