SOCOM Confrontation has a release date, site goes live

Scores of PlayStation 2 owners will vouch for how much joy the SOCOM games have brought to their console over the years (present company included), so it’s not exactly surprising that interest in the next game, SOCOM Confrontation, has been relatively high. One thing that has eluded us all so far, is a solid release date. Thanks to the guys over at 1UP, we now know that we can expect to see the game in stores on September 16th.

Eager to capitalize on the momentum of the fans, Sony has unveiled, the community site for all all things SOCOM. At the moment, the site is still very much in its pre-release stage, but once that street date comes to pass, fans can look forward to a fully integrated version that offers up the usual fare: stats, clan management goodies, stats, and more stats.

SOCOM II was at one time, the hottest commodity online. The competition is a lot stiffer now, with several guys bringing their “A” game to the table. Will Slant Six be able to help the SOCOM name reclaim its former glory, or will it  find itself lost in the shuffle and overshadowed by Zipper Interactive’s own eventual full-versioned SOCOM release on the PS3? Time will tell.

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