Social networking site for games journalists launched

The Videogames Journos Network was created by Colin Campbell, Editor-in-chief of Next-gen, though it has no association with the Next-gen or its publisher. The idea is to give games writers a place to converse, network, and type just a little bit more after their long day of…typing.

“This can be a place for editors and freelancers to make contact with one another, and for journalists from all over the world to exchange views,” says Campbell. “It can also have a voice as we debate some of the issues that have impact on the business of games journalism.”

Campbell’s post at Next-gen says that “published games journalists and writers from all over the world are invited to join.” 

I can hear it now: “Oh gawd, it’s those guys from the robot head Web site.” 

If you ask me, this is a pretty solid idea, and I’m surprised that no one has thought about making a site like this until now. Even though it is still pretty new, I’ve already seen several familiar names listed among its members, including a couple of peers that I’ve fallen out of contact with. Look, it’s already working!

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