Soccer Story is a new soccer-centric sports RPG arriving later this year

Soccer Story

Get a kick out of this new sports adventure

A new sports RPG is on the scene, and it’s delivering quite the kick. Soccer Story is a new soccer-based RPG adventure, arriving on PC, Nintendo Switch, Stadia, PlayStation, and Game Pass later this year.

This new adventure is published by No More Robots and is in development at PanicBarn. You might know them as the studio behind dystopian American life sim series Not Tonight. As you can see, Soccer Story is a bit more fantasy and light-hearted. Or at least, at first glance.

In the world of Soccer Story, the Calamity has torn apart the foundations of soccer. You, the player, have been chosen by a magic football to become the Savior of Soccer, bringing salvation and harmony to the world once more.

How? Well, with plenty of goals, of course.

It looks like there’s all kinds of variations and uses for the magical soccer ball, ranging from combat and puzzle-solving to good old-fashioned football. And there will be multiplayer in the game as well, so you and up to three friends can compete in the soccer stadium.

The wide, wide world of sports

Yes, this does have some distinct airs of Golf Story and its in-development successorSports Story. Both the sports-RPG design and play-anywhere world navigation remind me a ton of Sidebar Games’ Switch gem.

The concept of a sports RPG is not wholly new either; the Mario Golf series and other games have been tooling around in that arena for ages. But it does seem like there’s been an influx of sports-themed RPGs lately, and really, I’m all here for it.

Soccer Story has a fun premise, a great look to it, and a whole lot of charm in how it’s handling its fantasy soccer world. This might be one to watch for, especially if you’ve been craving the Golf Story take on the classic game of football.

No release date’s been set yet, but Soccer Story is aiming to launch sometime this year. You can sign up for the Steam beta right now on the game’s site here.

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