So you want to make video games for a living? College presents: Chuck Norris Fighting Game

I go to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh for a degree in Video Game Design – since you all love video games I figure some of you might actually want to make them for a living some day. So from time to time I’ll show you what it’s really like trying to go from gaming addict to well trained game designer by showing you cool stuff me or others in my degree are doing. For this class project we only had 10 weeks to throw together an easily marketable video game. I had the idea of making a fighting game with historical icons as well as celebrities as characters – so everyone around the world could finally kick the shit out of Tom Cruise, Paris Hilton, etc, etc and finally answer the questions they’ve always wanted answered, like: who would win in a fight… Jackie Chan or Arnold. Then my friend had the idea of adding Chuck Norris and other super heros to the player roster list and the game was born.We know there’s countless legal reasons why a game like this would never be allowed to be made and sold, so we made it outrageously low poly and just had fun with it. I realize the Chuck Norris craze is somewhat dead by now but Net Norris was still alive and roundhouse-kicking two months ago when we started this project. Hopefully I’ll soon have another few videos of game projects my friends have worked on this quarter to show you what higher poly stuff can entail without a million dollar budget and 12 months of preproduction, let alone 12 weeks. Here’s one last laughable eye sore to tide you over til then though: Our bogus Japanese commercial for our bogus Chuck Norris game. I hope you enjoy!PS – I plan on writing up a full story in the near future on finding a solid school for Game Design and what it takes to get a good degree – with all the stuff you won’t hear from anyone else on what to expect. But if there’s anyone out there who’s eager for more information or has some specific questions you want to ask, feel free to hit me up.

Tom Fronczak