So you want to build a LEGO Mr. Destructoid?

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[Editor’s note: Community member SiK99 made a how to guide at making a Mr. Destructoid head out of LEGOs. Check out how to make it below! — CTZ]

This is my attempt to compile a guide to show you the way. This build will use 103 LEGO pieces which I will list below. You can purchase all of these off the LEGO Web site by first going to “by THEME”, then to “Individual Bricks & Building Accessories” and lastly to “Pick a Brick”.

The grand total for the 103 pieces comes to $12.85 (not including tax/shipping). Check out the step-by-step process on how to make the Mr. Destructoid head after the break!

Legos Needed (Qty-Description-Color):

2- Round Plate 1×1- Transparent Red
2- Round Plate 1×1- Green (“Bright yellowish-green”)
2- Plate 1×2- Green
4- Plate 1×2- Grey (“Medium stone grey”)
1- Plate 1×3- Grey
1- Plate 1×2 W. 1 Knob- Grey
2- Plate 1×1- Grey
25- Flat Tile 1×2- Green
2- Technic Brick 1×2, 04.9- Grey
27- Plate 1×4- Green
3- Profile Brick 1×2- Grey
2- Connector Peg W. Knob- Grey
6- Brick 1×2- Green
1- Light Sword Blade- Grey
8- Brick 1×3- Green
1- 3 M.Arch W.Knob and Shaft 03.2- Grey
5- Plate 4×4- Green
5- Brick 1×4- Green
1- Brick 2×4- Green
1- Brick 1×1 W. 4 Knobs- Black(or Grey)
2- Angular Brick 1×1- Grey

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

Step 6:

Step 7:

Step 8: This one can be a bit tricky and you might have to do some adjusting later. Notice how in the fourth picture that the dark grey 4 knob piece is on the top of the vertical grey piece in such a way that allows the horizontal grey piece to “rest” in the gap. Also notice the knob on the vertical grey piece is flush with the “front”. The vertical grey piece should barely be in the dark grey 4 knob piece for this to happen.

Step 9: The six Plate 1×4 Green pieces go around the top in the first picture. You then have four more of the Plate 1×4 Green pieces on top, two in front and two in back.

Step 10: The two Plate 4×4 pieces go on top.

Step 11: This step just places the Flat Tile 1×2 Green on top. I made sure to have a row connecting the two 4×4 plates below in the center to help make it sturdy. There really isn’t a wrong way to do this.

Step 12: Almost done! We just have to complete the “eyebrow/nose” piece that goes on the front. You’ll notice in the eighth and ninth picture that I have a pen pointing to the two pieces that are to fit together. Just put the back-middle peg into the knob and everything should line up properly.

Final Picture!

Well hopefully you were able to follow the guide without too many issues. I was going to send the LEGO Mr. Destructoid in for the “WTF is this Sh!t?” contest earlier in the year but it was ended before I had the chance. Here is a picture of the final build, the Hulk, and my DS games/tower. I’ll end this by saying thanks for checking this out and I hope you enjoyed it!

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