So, what the hell’s this GDC talk about?


When I am in San Francisco for GDC next month, I can tell you one talk that I won’t attend. It’s “Decoding programmatic demand for gaming: Good, better, programmatic!” Like the saying goes “Good, better, programmatic. Never let it rest until your good is your better and your better is your programmatic.”

Seriously though, what the hell is this? Did I miss a Very Important Buzzword? Or is this just one company trying too hard to do a thing when it’s clear that thing will never become A Thing? Whatever it is, it’s filed under the tag “monetization” so that probably tells you a lot of what you need to know right there.

This reminds me of the million spammy emails we get every day about advertising and SEO and engagement (we answer exactly zero of them). An hour ago, we got a follow-up that reads “As per my previous email, I would love to explore any synergies with Destructoid regarding native advertising.” Like, do people really talk like that? I’m not just some baby-mouthed dude who has the vocabulary of an infant while Real Adults go out and discuss synergies, right?

Oh god, I don’t think I’ve ever discussed a synergy with anyone. Or anything programmatic, for that matter. Okay, if you need me next month, I’ll be at this GDC talk. Time for Brett to grow up.

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