So, this is what Epic Mickey looks like

Game Informer has the exclusive on Epic Mickey, and Game Informer is carrying that exclusive around like a cat with a freshly killed rat. In preparation for its big magazine unveiling, GI has today posted some imagery and artwork to wet the whistle, including an image of the redesigned Mickey Mouse.

As you can see, he’s got a distinct retro look to him, but updated with a modern sheen. He certainly looks better than the weird man-ape character that Mickey has been immortalized as. Something about Mickey Mouse and his bear, human-pigmented face skin has always made me feel slightly queasy. I’m glad he’s going back to his roots in this game. 

Head on over to GI‘s site to check out some more images, including a robotic Donald Duck. This is looking to be one supremely twisted game, and you don’t get to say that often about a Disney product these days.

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