So that’s what happened to Project Guard

It’s Star Fox Guard now

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Blink, and you missed it.

Yesterday, Nintendo announced Star Fox Guard, which is to be bundled in with Star Fox Zero when it hits the Wii U in April. But did you remember Project Guard, unveiled in 2014 where Miyamoto envisioned players using 12 security cameras to thwart foes? Yep, they are one in the same.

For almost two years, the ominous Project Guard had been listed under Platinum Games’ development cycle, not knowing if it would ever come to fruition. Now it can check yet another game off its list, and it thankfully wasn’t one of those Nintendo tech demos that is forgotten, and never spoken of again. Compare the new look with the old tech demo below.

Normally I wouldn’t be interested, but this seems like it only exists because it’s a Miyamoto passion project, so I’ll give it a chance. It could end up being a fun little Nintendo Land-esque minigame.

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