So long Azmodan, hello AzmoDUNK

This legendary skin is exactly that

I love it when Blizzard is willing to get totally silly with its character designs, and judging from the reaction to the upcoming Legendary Azmodunk skin for Heroes of the Storm, I’m in good company.

It’s going on sale starting April 12, 2016, but there will be a pair of opportunities to get it for free. Attendees of April’s Heroes of the Dorm Heroic Four and Grand Finals will score the skin, as will the top 500 winners in the at-home Heroes of the Dorm Bracket Challenge. Nice.

Aside from outfit, basketball, voice-overs, mount, and basically everything going on here, I particularly like how even the summoned demon minions look the part. They wish they were a little bit taller.

Also, someone on reddit went ahead and layered Quad City DJ’s on top. Bless this baller mess.

Rule the Court with Azmodunk []

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