So, it has come to this (you asking us questions for Podtoid)

The Knife of Podtoid

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Faithful listeners, were you faithful in listening to Podtoid 371 this week? You need to. We require the utmost dedication and loyalty and trust from you. And we swear we’re not a cult like The Knife of Aristotle, the fake-news-debunking-organization-but-actually-a-cult cult that Paste exposed earlier this week. (If I disappear, just assume they got me.)

As Steven noted last week after we stopped recording, that podcast was my Michael Jordan Flu Game. I felt awful and had food poisoning but nevertheless, I persisted. I turned in a chipper, upbeat, energetic episode and then I went and died for two days. I did it for you. (Everything I do) I do it for you.

But we can’t dwell on our successes. We leave the past in the past, no matter how heroic we may have been. There’s another podcast to record today which means that we again need your help. We can’t produce this damn thing all by ourselves.

We need you to leave us questions about whatever’s bouncing around in your brain. Bonus points if they aren’t video game-related. But, if they are, we understand. Comments below, you know what to do. [email protected] if you’re big into the emails. I know I am.

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