So, how do summons work in Final Fantasy XIII?

Those of you following Final Fantasy XIII should all have seen the impressive looking summons by now, and the more curious among you might want to know how they work. Well, you’re in luck! Square Enix has unleashed some fresh details on how the powerful characters will be used in its upcoming RPG, so sit down, shut up, and pay attention.

As you may already know, the summons act in a manner similar to the Aeons (yes I had a slip of the E-tongue and put Eidolons first, you geeks!) of Final Fantasy X. After using TP to bring forth a summon, the battle will enter co-op mode, where the summoner and the conjured beast fight side by side. The summon’s lifespan is determined by its SP. The SP will decrease over time, and enemy attacks will also knock points off. 

The TP gauge turns into a “Drive” gauge, which increases with each successful combo attack. If you collect enough Drive power and have the required amount of SP, that’s when you can launch “Gestalt Mode.” The summon will transform into vehicle that the main character can ride. We know that Shiva will turn into a bike, Ifrit will turn into a car and Odin will turn into a horse.

So, that’s how summons work in Final Fantasy XIII. Exciting stuff, eh? Check out the offical Web site for more, including a new character description for Lightning’s sister, Serah Fannon. You’ll need to understand Moonspeak to read her bio, though.

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