So hot: Sonic 3 soundtrack rendered in NES 8-bit

One crazily dedicated man took the entire Sonic 3 & Knuckles soundtrack and reworked it to play on the NES in an 8-bit format. The creator says that it took two hundred hours of work to finish it all, but I’d say all the ear candy was worth the effort. 8BitDanooct1 has a bit of a blog on the project on YouTube:

The file is in two parts, as once Famitracker reaches 540kb on a module, it starts overwriting the end to remain within that filesize. So, as you can imagine, I had several scares, scrambles for backups, and several rewritten songs because of it. I am so glad this project is finally over.

I’m also glad that it’s over, as I can listen to it all now. All of this music would play on the Nintendo Entertainment System, but you can enjoy it in more accessible formats like NSF and MP3 from the download links on this page.

This is absolutely amazing. Great work, sir. 

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