So far, the only winner of E3 is Keanu Reeves

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We have Square Enix and Nintendo to go

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Keanu Reeves: you are John Wick. You’re also the best thing about E3 this year.

It’s been a tepid E3 so far. I’m not saying that, you are, readers. Let’s Pokemon go to the polls!

Microsoft is “winning” so far by a wide margin, with a 37% “okay” rating, followed by 32% “enjoyed” and 23% “loved.” Ubisoft is sporting 46% okay and 37% “hate” votes. The PC Gaming Show got a respectable 36% enjoyed and a 32% okay rating, showing improvement compared to previous years. Bethesda is slightly less impressive, with 52% hate and 32% okay. For EA Play, 52% of our readers “hated” the presentation and 42% thought it was “okay.” That’s a yikes from me dog.

See, tepid E3. You can find full recaps of EA PlayMicrosoftBethesdaE3VR, the PC Gaming Show, and Ubisoft at these aforementioned links and judge or vote for yourself for the final tally following Nintendo’s Direct.

Keanu Reeves stole the spotlight. Part of the reason the Microsoft conference has the least amount of “hate” ratings is because that beautiful bastard owned the stage during his Cyberpunk 2077 reveal, calling the audience “breathtaking.” The guy he interacted with even won a copy of Cyberpunk! Wholesome as hell. Elden Ring and Phantasy Star Online 2, my two favorite announcements thus far, were also both in Microsoft’s event.

What’s left? Just Square Enix and Nintendo. Let’s hope they deliver.

Your E3 “approval ratings” (loved + enjoyed votes):

  • EA Play = 5.1%
  • Ubisoft = 15%
  • PC Gaming Show = 43.5%
  • Bethesda = 44%
  • Microsoft = 55.19%

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