So, did you buy any games during Steam’s Winter Sale?

Shop till you drop

Fourteen days is a long time, especially when you’re inundated with deals, discounts, and bargains. And for game-hungry consumers, Steam’s annual Winter Sale seems to stretch on forever. From the week before Christmas to the yawning, early days of a brand new year, the near-ubiquitous digital game store continually punctuates the holiday season with a fortnight’s worth of cheap video games.

But by the time you’re reading this, the Winter Sale is over. There’s a good chance your wallet’s feeling a bit lighter after a few days of bargain hunting. And so, with Steam’s Winter Sale behind us, it’s time to ask the important questions:

What games did you buy during the sale? Did you whittle away at your wishlist? Or did you make a few blind purchases? Are you already hours-deep into an RPG? Or did you spend the last week pummeling players in an online shooter? 

I snagged Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and CrossCode. I’m on a bit of a budget at the moment. My bank account’s running laughably low, and I’m hunting for some part-time work as I march towards my final semester at school. There are dozens of games I wanted to get, but the best part about Steam sales is knowing that there’s always another one a few months away.

Happy 2019, Dtoid. Here’s hoping that this year doesn’t suck.

Ray Porreca
Kane & Lynch 2 forever.