Snowblind Studios bringing death, tanks to XBLA with Death Tank

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard anything from the Seatle, WA-based Snowblind Studios, the folks behind Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance and Champions of Norrath. Here’s what they’re up to: working on an Xbox LIVE Arcade game, Death Tank!

If it looks similar to Worms or the PC classic Scorched Earth, that’s because it is. The multiplayer shooter features eight different landscapes that are altered when hit by tank fire, changing the battlefield as you play. The game will features Xbox LIVE play with up to eight tanks battling it out in either team play or free-for-all; four players can play locally. 

Players may recognize Death Tank as a bonus game from the Sega Saturn title, PowerSlave, or later in the Saturn version of Duke Nukem 3D. The game’s original designer now works for Snowblind, and apparently his cries of “Can I make a Death Tank game? Can I? Can I?” have finally been heard.

[Via Gamebytes]

Nick Chester