Snorlax dress is full on snorltastic

This post is a great way to illustrate how to make profit via the interwebs.

Step 1: Get tipped by ClownBaby about a really cool Snorlax dress.

Step 2: See cute Asian girl in said Snorlax dress and rub hands together maniacally.

Step 3: Post about Snorlax dress with image of cute Asian girl and link to the Deviant Art page where it came from, continue to rub hands together maniacally.

Step 4: Wait for first “In before…” comment.

Step 5: Wait for first sexual comment or first comment about pandering to the lowest common denominator, one of which is most likely the comment that the other commenter was “in before.”

Step 6: PROFIT!

(Note: Often step 6 will not occur. However, all other steps are guaranteed to work.)

The Pokemon Dress Someone I Know Needs to Buy [Unreality]

Matthew Razak