Snoop Dogg’s Rock Band tracks finally landing Sept. 7

Waaaaay the eff back in February we discovered that Snoop Dogg would have musical tracks coming to Rock Band. The quote from the press release alone was great enough to keep us excited for a few months, but I’m pretty sure everyone forgot about the fact that the tracks were coming. Then someone over at the Rock Band forums was watching VH1 and saw one of those pop-up ads in the corner that said the tracks would be releasing on Sept. 7.

So there’s your official announcement.

The poster also claims that there will be eight tracks. I should probably put a sentence here with some shizzles or dizzles or rizzles in it as that is the only way the AP style book says you can close a story about Snoop Dogg, but screw em’, I’m my own man. I’m also far too white.

Snoop Dogg out Sept. 7 [Rock Band Forums]

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