SNK’s scrolling slash ’em up Sengoku 2 available now on Switch

Brings a whole new meaning to ‘blue blood’

This week in the Neo Geo ACA range, SNK’s scrolling brawler Sengoku 2 has been re-released for Nintendo Switch, courtesy of the fine folks at Hamster.

Originally appearing in arcades back in 1993, before being ported to the Neo Geo home console, Sengoku 2 is the second (duh) in a trilogy of scrappers. One or two players control a duo of sword-swinging heroes who, one of whom is apparently a ninja cowboy, as they attempt to stop a sadistic warlord from manipulating time for his own evil ends.

Although a fairly bog-standard brawler, Sengoku 2 does feature some unique touches. Player characters can not only block, but they can also shift forms, allowing them access to new abilities and attacks for a period of time. The game is also kinda gory in it’s torso-removing ways, but the blood is an amusing shade of turquoise, so don’t fret about being turned into a mindless killer whilst playing.

Sengoku 2 is available now on Nintendo Switch, priced at $8.

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