SNK Playmore has been acquired by China’s Ledo Millenium

For $63.5 million

SNK Playmore has reportedly been bought by Chinese company Ledo Millenium, paying out $63.5 million for 81.25% of their shares, granting them majority stake in the company. The core reason given by Oriential Securities (part of a joint venture with Leyou Technologies) CEO Zheng Jianhui for purchasing SNK is its IP and characters.

They’ve announced that they want to play out their business strategy like “Marvel,” which branching forms of media outside of just games. He promises more games, shows, and movies — so no, SNK isn’t fully dead.

SNK means a lot to me. I actually played Fatal Fury in an arcade before I really got into Street Fighter II, and the company has produced countless gems since then (like timeless Capcom vs. SNK series). I really hope this new company will do right by them.

SNK Playmore [Sina via Dream Cancel]

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