SNK is teasing some ‘next-gen’ Neo Geo hardware

Works with Neo Geo Mini, too

Late last night, SNK sent out a Tweet teasing some brand new Neo Geo hardware. Said to be “next-gen” and have compatibility with the Neo Geo Mini, this could really be anything. Is it a hybrid similar to the Switch? Is it a brand new console and SNK’s glorious return to the console market? Is this an upgraded Mini? Who can tell?

Really, though, I’m very curious about this connectivity to the Mini. I recently took a look at the Samurai Shodown model and was a little indifferent. It’s built well and has a great collection of games, but the controllers stink and the TV output is bad. If we can keep that device and somehow improve it, then this new Neo Geo might be an interesting prospect. I’m not expecting much, though.

SNK Global [Twitter]

Peter Glagowski
Former Dtoid staff member.