SNK Heroines: Tag-Team Frenzy reveals Nakoruru in new trailer

That PITA hawk is gone, though

SNK unveiled a new trailer this week, to coincide with EVO Japan, for their upcoming all-gal fighter SNK Heroines: Tag-Team Frenzy. The new preview gives fans a glimpse of the latest addition to the game’s roster, Nakoruru, albeit in some weird, vampiric form.

Nakoruru first made an appearance way back in 1993, in the original Samurai Shodown. Although not quite as widely recognised as other SNK stars such as Mai Shiranui, Ruru has not only appeared in practically every SamSho game (and its many spin-off titles) to date, she also showed up in King of Fighters 2000, the amazing Capcom vs SNK 2 and has been used as a mascot for charity events.

Nakoruru made her grand return to the fighting world in King of Fighters XIV, where people endlessly spammed attacks from her hawk buddy, Mamahaha. SNK Heroines roster currently consists only of characters chopped from KoF XIV, here’s hoping that at least a few of its stars are all-new character models, rather than just a whole roster of reused assets.

SNK Heroines: Tag-Team Frenzy launches this Summer on PS4 and Nintendo Switch. The game continues to look batshit ridiculous.

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