SNK has developed an RPG for busy gamers

Kimi no Yuusha

I really love the RPG genre but I almost never manage to actually finish one. There are three sitting on my desk right now, some of which I’ve barely scratched the surface on. And, when I finally get back to them, I’ll probably be so lost that I’ll have to start from the beginning again. A big part of the reason for that is I simply can’t invest the amount of time necessary to play all the way through.

SNK/Playmore seems to have figured out that there are probably a lot of people like me and are offering a solution. Kimo no Yuusha is a new title that boasts RPG-style gameplay with stories that can be completed in under half an hour. With over 75 stories total in the game, finishing it will still take quite a while but at least you can get your fix in short order.

Now, of course, if the quests are linked together by unifying characters and such, that might defeat the purpose somewhat. And I would be concerned about the quality of stories that can be completed so quickly. How can you become attached to a character in less time than it takes to get a pizza delivered?

The game is being released in Japan on October 23rd. There’s no word on if it’ll ever travel beyond those borders, but I think it could really have a shot elsewhere. Does something like this appeal to you?

[Via Siliconera — Thanks, Adam!]

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