SNK asks which Neo Geo games we want ported to PlayStation

Mark of the Wolves and The Last Blade 2 are leading

Despite never owning a Neo Geo (I was mad jealous of my friend who had a Neo Geo Pocket back in the day), I’ve played many of the system’s best games thanks to digitally-distributed ports and compilation discs. SNK shows no signs of stopping. Someone’s out there continuously buying this stuff, presumably multiple times over, and it’s not just me. I’m weak to Metal Slug, okay?

To that end, the company wants to know which Neo Geo titles you’d like to see on contemporary hardware including PS3, PS4, and PS Vita. Most of the choices are the usual suspects (lots of fighting games) but there’s Neo Turf Masters for golf fans and the shoot-’em-up/puzzle hybrid Twinkle Star Sprites, shown above. Both could use some love if you’ve got a spare vote.

While it isn’t listed in the poll, I’d pay for a Ninja Commando port. It’s batshit (in a good way!).

Metal Slug 3 Coming to PS4 & Vita, More NEOGEO Classics on the Way [PlayStation Blog]

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