Snitch on your friends, score $1,500 or a new console

 Disclaimer: Rampant stereotyping to follow! Sure, I guess a 60-year-old woman could, in theory, become a graffiti artist, but the Law of Averages isn’t down with that. 

The Garner, NC, fuzz aren’t stupid. The male 18-35 demographic loves two things: video games and vandalism. When you set one against the other, everybody wins.

Apparently, the GPD has a problem. Someone has been JetSetting around the town and tagging the word Ghost on government buildings, street signs, and a school. And the residents aren’t happy. Something about community dignity. Whatever … must be old people. I’ll admit that I kind of like graffiti. It’s insanely hard to do, and, if done well, can really inspire art worthy of any Zeitgeist. But you know what else I like? A chance to get $1,500 or a new console of my choice by snitching on some chump.

The graffiti has become such an issue (every few days, a new tag appears) that the Board of Aldermen has proposed a $1,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest which will be matched by $500 from the Garner 5-0. Or they’ll throw in a PS3, Xbox 360, or a Wii.

That’s some pretty nifty psychological trickery they’ve got going on. Assuming that both the graffiti artist and the group of people that would know who he is are all young males, which do you choose? Sticking it to the Man? Or using said Man to score some loot? 

WWHZSD? What would the Holy Zombie Savior do?

[Via play-nintendo, thanks to Smitty3000 for the tip!] 

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