SNES emulator for iPhone looks promising

A few months back we came across a PlayStation emulator for the iPhone. It was a pretty nifty proof of concept, but as an actual gaming solution it looked to be pretty weak. There are too many buttons on the PlayStation controller to emulate on the iPhone’s touchscreen, and the games put too much strain on the unit’s processor. Recent video of a Super Nintendo emulator looks to be much more promising.

The SNES’s six buttons and d-pad seem to fit fine on the bottom half of the iPhone’s screen. The above video shows acceptable gameplay framerates for Diddys Kong Quest. What a tease: I thought he would boot up Chrono Trigger first — at least he eventually gets to it.

Mobile Magazine says that the emulator works in both landscape and portrait modes, but the sound isn’t functional yet. I suppose the best news is that this emulator, snes4iphone, went public earier this month. If you can follow instructions, you can deck out your iPhone or iPod Touch with your favorite *cough* legally owned ROM files and pack your multifunction devices with even more function. 

As cool as this is, there’s still much better portable devices to get your emulation on with. You know, those ones with real buttons. [innocent grin] Of course, the fine, legal emulation abilities of Wii’s Virtual Console are more than enough for me!

[Thanks, JR] 

Dale North