Sneezing is how you get around in Hayfever

Coming a-choo on February 25

It’s a tale as old as time itself. A postman — bogged down by seasonal allergies, fresh out of Claritin, and determined to finish his route — hacks up snot on everyone’s mail. That’s the gross can-do attitude that’ll see you climbing the postal service ranks in no time!

That’s the gist of Hayfever, a new platformer that’s coming to PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One next month. Thomas is a mailman and a big sneeze sent all his letters scattered across the world. That’s probably a fireable offense, so Thomas is left scrambling to recover all the mail. (I, a lesser employee, would’ve given up right then and there.) Check out the trailer that’s embedded above to get a sense of the task that’s ahead of Thomas.

All that gesundheit might be good, though. Sneezing is the locomotion, it’s how Thomas gets around. The allergic reactions propel Thomas through Hayfever‘s 140 levels. Developer Pixadome explains that different environmental conditions vary gameplay. For instance, regular pollen makes Thomas sneeze, but smog causes him to “swell up like a balloon.” This journey takes place across all four seasons, so there are plenty of allergens to go around.

Hayfever is set to launch on February 25. I’d tell you to keep your eyes on it, but it’s pretty impossible to sneeze with your eyes open. 

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