Sneak a peek at WiiWare via Nintendo Japan’s Web page

While not officially linked or announced, you can check out a Japanese WiiWare page with pictures of some upcoming titles. It’s no big deal, but I can’t help but look forward to some of these titles.

It’s not all Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles; there’s several other enticing titles to wonder about. I say “wonder” as they give few screenshots and no release dates, let alone US release information. There’s Pokemon Ranch, Puzzleloop, and Dr. Mario & Saikin Bokumetsu, all of which we saw a bit of late last year. It looks like Hudson has some form of Bomberman coming, as well as StarSoldierR. Others include Okiraku Ping Pong Wii, Tenshi no Solitaire, and Joysound Wii.

Seeing the picture of Mojipittan Wii, I still remain hopeful for a domestic release of Namco’s word puzzle titlein any way that I can get it. Mixing it’s Scrabble-ish gameplay (English, please) with the series’ incredible soundtracks and online play would be nerdy gaming heaven.

I’m sure we’ll hear something in the coming weeks. I know you; you can’t wait to Ranch some Pokemon. What else do you think should come to us via WiiWare?

Dale North