Snake? SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE! The Solid one comes to the Smash Bros. Dojo

When Super Smash Bros. Brawl was announced, the addition of Solid Snake to the roster was both a huge shock and cause for Metal Gear fanboys such as I to dance around our David Hayter effigies with naked glee. Snake has finally come to the Smash Bros. Dojo with some new screens and another of Masahiro Sakurai’s pleasantly babyish character announcements:

The legendary mercenary makes his miraculous Smash debut! This law-breaking news roared around the world.

He comes fully loaded with cool and showy weapons that only he could possess. Couple them with these different worlds, and it will clear a path to new horizons.

Snake’s special moves are also discussed. As well as the Stinger rocket, Snake will also have access to landmines and the infamous Nikita missile, which you yourself will be able to control. If that’s not enough, Snake will be able to lob grenades and even hitch a ride on a Cypher, one of the floating camera robots from Metal Gear Solid 2. Seems that plenty has been thrown in to make MGS fans squeal with excitement, something I wholeheartedly approve of. Make sure to check out the Dojo today for more.

James Stephanie Sterling