Snag a copy of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon while it’s free on PC

It’s an easy in for the series

Even if you aren’t that into the Far Cry series, you should consider Blood Dragon. You never know — you might actually like it! Right now is an especially good time to do so if you have a capable PC. The game is free to claim through Ubisoft’s limited-time promotion celebrating its 30th anniversary, as promised.

Much like how Case Zero renewed my interest in the Dead Rising series by giving me a smaller, less-intimidating sandbox to play in before moving on to the “real thing” with greater confidence, Blood Dragon was a low-risk investment that ultimately got me to give Far Cry 3 a fair chance.

Now, your results may well vary, but at least take it under consideration for the bow’s sake. Even if we never get a true sequel, I hope to one day see another standalone spinoff of this ilk.

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Jordan Devore
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