Snaccoon is a sneaky exploration game starring a mischievous raccoon


Keep these highly specific animal games coming

Whether you think raccoons are adorable little scamps or an utter nuisance, Snaccoon is worth a look — it’s a game about securing snacks as a raccoon. Relatable, right?

Game developer Christian Sparks shared a trailer for Snaccoon during today’s Future Games Show live stream. With so many familiar-looking games, this stood out to me. The concept immediately clicked with me, and it’s not one I’ll forget about anytime soon.

Strolling through town, hopping on trash cans, sneaking through vents, and scurrying off with someone’s phone while it captures the theft — it’s light and cute so far. I chuckled.

Based on behind-the-scenes developer posts, expect a “guided platforming” system to keep traversal flowing while still giving you, the player, autonomy. Admittedly, the game’s website is sparse right now (and there isn’t a Steam page to point you to yet), but Sparks has some in-depth blogs to check out, including clips not shown in the trailer.

Expectations for video games built around animal antics are high in a post-Stray world.

That said, there’s a lower-stakes sense of playfulness here that I really like. A memorable concept can take a game pretty far, particularly if it’s released at the right time and at a reasonable price. No word on when Snaccoon will be out other than it’s “coming soon.”

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