SMT: Strange Journey: New screens and localization notes

Localization notes are like our version of movies’ DVD commentary. I eat this stuff up, so I appreciate that Atlus is cranking out some of it for their upcoming DS RPG Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey.

In their latest production diary entry, they talk about how much of a bitch it was to localize the game. And we’re not even talking about the text. The struggle started with the names of characters. Usually that’s an easy starting point, but with the cast coming from many different nations, Atlus localizers had to have their international caps on. For instance, for one key character the katakana read “Himenesu.” Even those familiar with Japanese may have had trouble realizing that this refers to the name “Jimenez.”

Imagine translating the names of 300 demons on top of that! Check out the full entry here on Atlus’ forums.

Also along for the journey are a handful of new screenshots for the game, which you’ll find in our gallery below. 

Look for our review of Strange Journey in the coming weeks.

Dale North