SMT: Persona PSP will come to both PSN and UMD

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I asked Atlus’ Aram Jabbari at E3 this year whether we’d see Persona PSP as a download as well as a full retail release. You have to understand that at the time I was still excited from seeing the PSPgo in person. He gave me some run-around answer that told me that he wasn’t sure yet, but I knew it had to be coming to the PlayStation Network as a download as well as a UMD release. It just makes sense.

Atlus now confirms that, come September 22, Shin Megami Tensei: Persona will see a release in both formats. I want a UMD for longevity, but I like the idea of flexibility, and knowing you can have both is great. Those that plan to get a PSPgo can make this their first RPG for the system. The rest? Given that you have a big enough Memory Stick, you can also download this to go UMD-free.

Both will be $39.99, but only the retail one comes with the sweet 2-disc soundtrack.

Look for our preview of Persona PSP soon.

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