S’more Overcooked 2 DLC released today and it’s in tents

The Great Outdoors is your kitchen

Overcooked 2 is a figurative backpack game of mine. I’m quite content to pull it out every now and then, plow through whatever new add-on has released, and stash it away in the back of my memory. But every few months, I’m happy to rummage through the backpack, find Overcooked 2, and repeat the process. Cooperative cooking works well in short and not-too-infuriating bursts.

The backpack analog, maybe hamfisted and overthought, is there for a reason. Overcooked 2‘s new DLC, Campfire Cook Off, released today and it has a backpack mechanic. Chefs can stash ingredients in their backpack (not sanitary!) and lug them around to the cooking stations. Developer Ghost Town Games keeps innovating — finding inspiration in settings while still sticking to a central premise.

This one, all starry skies and sleeping bags, really leans into the camping. Through 15 new levels (12 regular, 3 Kevin levels), there’s plenty of wood chopping, fire stoking, and natural hazard avoiding. And there are s’mores. You knew there’d be s’mores.

The Great Outdoors isn’t Overcooked 2‘s final dish, either. There’s a $20 season pass that guarantees access to Campfire Cook Off and two upcoming add-ons. Or, for anyone who’s just concerned with getting this meal out of the kitchen, Campfire Cook Off is available now on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One for $6.

Brett Makedonski
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