Smoking hot details on the Japanese WiiWare launch: Now with more Tetris

WiiWare has technically existed since the Wii launched in late ’06, but up until now the service hasn’t actually offered any, you know, games. That’s about to change, at least in Japan, where original titles for download are about to hit in a big way. The latest new title to be announced the service gets my vote for “the sluttiest game of all time” award. Tetris, the one and only, is getting all gussied up for the WiiWare coming out party, and boy does she look sexy. 

Well, not really. But it’s Tetris. It can look however it wants. 

Once published by Tengen, then by Nintendo, then Capcom, then THQ, then Nintendo again (and that’s just off the top of my head), Tetris is now in the capable publishing hands of Hudson, the great minds behind Bomberman Online. I wonder if that means we can get Mr Destructoid thrown in this game as well? His head would work great as the square block. 

Hit the jump for more on WiiWare’s Tetris, as well as the release dates and prices for multiple other Japanese WiiWare games. 

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These nine WiiWare games are set to be made available for download on March 25, 2008, a mere two weeks from today. 

Okiraku Ping-Pong Wii (Arc System Works, 500 points)

Word Puzzle Mojipittan Wii (Bandai Namco, 1000 points)

Sakusaku Animal Panic (Konami, 1000 points)

Star Soldier R (Hudson, 800 points)

My Life As A King: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (Square Enix, 1500 points)

Angel’s Solitaire (G-Mode, 500 points)

Dr. Mario & Bacillus Extermination (Nintendo, 1000 points)

Everybody’s Pokemon Ranch (Nintendo, 1000 points)

Lonpos (Genki, 1000 points)

It’s not yet known which of these games will be making it to the Western launch of WiiWare on May 12th. Final Fantasy is pretty much a lock, as is Dr Mario, and according to my heroes at GoNintendo, Star Soldier R will also be making the jump across the pond. The rest I’m not so sure about.

As for Tetris on WiiWare, it wont be coming out until sometime in the summer. Hudson is probably playing it smart and waiting for Japanese puzzle gamers to get sick of Dr Mario before they let Tetris loose. At point of launch, it doesn’t make sense to have two big puzzle games available at the same time. My guess is that Dr. Mario won the coin toss. 

Tetris on WiiWare is planned to have online support and some weird sort of pointer and motion controls as well. Personally, I could give two craps about that. I’m glad Tetris is coming to the Wii just because there are still legions of parents out there who still wont buy their kids a video game console unless it has Tetris on it.

It’s the game that sold a million Game Boys. No parent-friendly console’s library is complete with out it. 

What are your thoughts, D-toid? Will you be able to convince your family to buy a Wii now that it’ll have Tetris ready to be locked and (down)loaded?



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