Smash Ultimate gets free ‘vault shopper’ currency DLC, but only for Switch Online members


Switch Online users have been asking for more perks to justify the cost of the subscription, but this probably isn’t what anyone had in mind. Revealed this week amid all of the Terry Bogard and version 6.0 news, there’s now a “free gift” for Smash Ultimate players for the taking: provided that you’re a Switch Online member.

So long as your account is flagged and ready to go, you can earn three classic tickets and 5000 gold (currency) just by downloading the pack. As a reminder, classic tickets have multiple uses in Ultimate, enabling extra continues for Classic Mode and to manipulate the intensity (difficulty) of the gametype. Gold lets you buy items from the in-game shop. You can earn these normally through in-game challenges or regular play in the case of gold.

If you can’t be bothered to do it on your actual Switch, you can go here to download it under the “Individual DLC’ heading on the official Nintendo website.

Individual DLC [Nintendo]

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