Smash DOJO!! recap: Play Super Metroid, Star Fox 64, SMB in Brawl. No, really!

It’s an overload of info on Smash Bros. Brawl this week. Lets start off with the DOJO first. Things got kicked off with Zelda/Sheik’s Final Smash attack. She takes out her bow and shoots out a light arrow that instantly kills anyone. Tuesday brought us the Pokemon Manaphy who will force characters to switch bodies. So if you’re playing as Zelda against Donkey Kong, you will become Donkey Kong for a short period of time. And yes, jumping off the edge will still hurt your life/score. Sakurai also brought up the ongoing interviews he has been doing with President Iwata. Wednesday gave us the new stage based on the original Mushroom Kindgdom called Mushroomy Kingdom. The level moves slowly to the right as you battle in the familiar ruins of the former kingdom. The stage will randomly start off in World 1-2 sometimes too. There’s also an updated song to go with this level.

Thursday was more or less filler with a really small update proving that Wii online battles will work as a battle in the Tokyo and Kyoto office takes place. Be sure to check the Japanese site as there is another video on there with Snake fighting. Finally, today’s update is rather big. You will be able to play demos of Super Mario Bros., Ice Climber, Kid Icarus, Legend of Zelda, Kirby’s Adventure, Super Metroid, Star Fox 64 to a bunch of others. The games will have a time limit and some titles will come with save date even. It should also be mentioned that the Japanese version of this page also shows Mother 2 and Fire Emblem as playable demos.

You know that the DOJO was expecting the game to be out by now when they had an update showing them “testing” the Internet battles. Anyway, today’s update made this week epic. Sure, the games are just demos and only last for so long, but it’s still awesome nonetheless. How much can they fit on this DVD?! What did you think of this week’s updates? Also, hit the jump for two new videos.  

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