Smash Bros Brawl is delayed. Here’s some new videos of Brawl in action at least

[Update: It looks like GameVideos got another video up. Check it out after the jump as well.] 

George Harrison today confirmed that Super Smash Bros. Brawl will be delayed a few weeks in America. And by a few weeks, he meant February 10th (sorry George, but that’s more than a few weeks … that’s several weeks). Like Stephen over at Multiplayer Blog, I too have to wonder why the release is set for a Sunday. In any case, the news is not surprising seeing as how the DOJO took down the December 3rd date a couple of days ago.

In the mean time, we have these new videos from GameVideos to look at and break down. The first video is of Mario and Samus fighting each other and the second video after the jump is Sonic fighting Link.


The first thing I noticed from the the Samus Vs Mario video was that it looks like the intros from the original Smash are going to make it back. Well, sort of — Mario comes flying out of the Warp Pipe like in the original but Samus comes out like she did in Melee. It’s a small detail, but it was something that I missed from the original that they took out in Melee. As the battle goes on, Samus picks up an Assist Trophy and Advance Wars characters come out and attack Mario. Then the Smash Ball comes out and we’re shown that you have to break open the Smash Ball in able to use it. Samus breaks it open, charges up her laser and lets Mario have it. Samus’s suit breaks apart and the battle continues on. Oh, and it looks like the same announcer voice is back!

More of the same goes on in the Link Vs Sonic battle. They fight on Star Fox’s stage which looks pretty awesome. Sonic manages to grab the Smash Ball and he turns into Super Sonic and takes out Link.

Update: The above video shows Diddy Kong, Meta Knight, Princess Peach and Mario in a four way battle. More items are shown off and Diddy Kong uses the Smash Ball in this battle. It looks like you can get in a couple of more hits even when the timer runs out. 

What do you all think about the delay news? Pissed off that you have to wait until next year now? Or releaved because you’ll have more time to devote to all of the games coming out in the next couple of months? 


Hamza Aziz